Land Acquisition & Promotion

The crucial first step to land development is sourcing the land itself. With decades’ experience under our belt, few companies can match our ability to deliver strategic land for new development.

Our in-house Planning and Surveying expertise provides the technical know-how to identify, buy and promote the best sites – green field, as well as previously developed land.

If you have land that you believe may have development potential, we’d be happy to discuss your aspirations and requirements. We can tailor a solution that works best for you, whether that’s an outright purchase, an option agreement, promotion agreement or even a joint venture. We also recognise introductions from land agents.

When it comes to selecting a partner for land promotion and development, you need to be sure that they have both the aptitude and attitude to extract the maximum value.

Our team has decades of experience in land acquisition, promotion and development across a diverse range of sectors including commercial, industrial, retail and residential. This gives us the knowledge and understanding to create a bespoke strategic infrastructure for each project, helping to release the value locked in the land.

But all that means nothing without the willingness to put in the hard graft where it matters. We pride ourselves on our collaborative, customer-focused approach that ably demonstrates our drive, commitment and attention to detail at every opportunity.